A new player in financial services required an experienced IT Project Manager to migrate applications from a newly acquired bank. The role quickly expanded into a wide-ranging eight-month assignment covering essential IT initiatives.


Activity included infrastructure migration (servers, email, etc.), consulting advice on applications, Amazon Web Services cloud migration, replacing local and wide area networks extending to data centre, backup site and London HQ – which meant tendering for and working with a communications supplier, then ensuring a high degree of resilience – and fully aligning IT with the Agile methodology and therefore the rest of the business. The interim added value across IT, bringing a high degree of management expertise and control including all necessary paperwork and documentation.


The interim had worked in banking for his entire career, so his experience and insights in both IT and financial services had a profound effect on multiple aspects of IT set-up, processes and governance. He successfully completed full integration of the acquired bank’s data, applications and infrastructure and ensured that even though the wide area network project continued beyond his assignment, he laid all the groundwork required to successfully deliver a far more effective network with robust monitoring; excellent availability and high performance are critical for banking operations, more so for branch-free banks with customers using services via smartphones and other mobile devices. Fully aligning IT with Agile means that as the bank plans its future activity, IT is able to come to the table with the same structures and organise its activities lined-up with all other teams.


Based on its reputation in banking and the interim’s experience in major migrations for banks and credit card providers, plus his extensive IT management expertise.