Wide-ranging activity, initially supporting the Head of Digital Strategy, bringing new governance and processes to the division and focusing on people and engagement – all during a time of major change and potential upheaval. Based on her skills and experience, the interim was able to provide an independent viewpoint and objective guidance, an approach not possible from in-house personnel who were directly affected (and in many cases deeply concerned) by the changes under way.


With an ability to appreciate “the bigger picture” alongside the minutiae of detail meant the interim could take both a top-down and bottom-up view, creating value-add processes. Networking skills enabled her to form strong relationships quickly and develop a thorough understanding of needs, activity and gaps. Applying knowledge from other banks and sectors along with the latest thinking and best practice presented different ways to move forward to benefit all stakeholders. Organisational changes meant her role quickly evolved and widened in scope to cover a new global operating model for 700+ employees. Communication and engagement were vital, with the interim’s independence meaning she could be a sounding board and confidante. Her 15-month assignment was later extended by a further three months.


The transition was achieved, with the interim providing outstanding levels of support to the digital team, including guiding senior leadership. Despite constant changes to responsibilities, her clear understanding of the tasks (and the financial services culture) plus coaching skills and sheer drive were key factors in the programme’s success. High levels of employee engagement helped to shape new thinking among senior management, while the interim’s ability to reveal and quantify value also helped to identify additional £1.4m revenue for the digital function.


The client had worked with Campion Willcocks over many years, so knew it could depend on the skills, outlook and subject matter expertise of its people.