In two wide-ranging multi-year assignments, key activities included ‘reconnecting’ business and IT functions and then, as part of a group-wide strategy review, compiling a strategic business case and obtaining funding for a further large-scale iteration, including a move to Agile collaborative working.


With these two major programmes closely linked, the first from 2012-2015 and the second still ongoing (as of 2019), each successive step led to further stages and developments. The interim created a new ‘group change community’ to bring together dotted line reporting into her manager and so provide new management oversight. She used this to focus improvement activity (to “lay the pathway”) in three key areas: uniting business change communities; improving and standardising ways of working (project management, PMO, business analysis, testing); and defining and improving career paths, from induction and including training. From 2017, she worked on the strategic review, analysing the activities required then providing a costed business case and plans to move the change organisation forward. This included devising complex models to simulate and calculate various scenarios. Comprising a hugely ambitious number of tasks, this second assignment built on the earlier successes in bringing together business and IT communities into a single organisation.


Working across multiple strands and with overlapping sub-projects, work covered around 18,000 people, including third parties. The business is already benefiting from the delivery of Agile ways of working and, in effect, a wholly new target operating model. With the interim able to demonstrate deep knowledge of the organisation, she could build strong relationships from the outset across this high priority/high visibility activity. In particular, her sophisticated analytical skills defined how best the group could move forward, with communications skills then ‘telling the story’ in understandable ways, explaining how changes would work in practice. The final plan was approved by the board and is being implemented. The business is anticipating annual savings of some £300m.


The banking group had a longstanding relationship with Campion Willcocks, having engaged multiple expert interims and consultants over the years.